Clara´s discography includes 5 full-length albums.
All albums available on Bandcamp, iTunes and Amazon

'Restless Times'
'All I Can Provide'
'Walk The Distance'
'Pendulous Moon'



`Pendulous Moon´
about the MOON 2016

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 Clara Hill is a musician born in Berlin. She writes and performs with a varied array of artists. Her discography includes 3 full-length albums on a previous label called Sonar Kollektiv in Berlin, and many 12“s featuring names of electronica artists like Jazzanova, King Britt, Marc Mac (4 Hero), Atjazz, Vikter Duplaix and Dixon, just to name a few. Coming from a singer-songwriter / acid jazz / electronica background – Clara never stops discovering and experimenting with new musical and diverse ways in various genres. Beside worldwide tours her main interest is to present her own independent musical language and to focus on compositions besides musical trends. In 2013 she released her fourth album Walk The Distance on Tapete Records. Clara produced and released her fifth LP called Pendulous Moon with King Britt in 2016.

The Berlin based singer, songwriter and producer has shifted styles fluidly throughout her life, and in Philadelphia producer / DJ King Britt she found a likeminded soul with a similarly restless spirit: King Britt from House to Techno to Bass music, Hill from Acid Jazz to Psychedelic Folk - both in the space of independent electronic music. The uniquely chimerical aesthetic journey to Pendulous Moon finds the two united by their love for a sound that flutters elusively between the likes of FKA Twigs, Vangelis and Boards Of Canada - an eerie experience from start to end. It exists, you might say, in a universe of its own.

Its otherworldly atmosphere and unearthly sound stems from their ambition to create a record that they describe as “sci-fi”, pairing analogue synths and digital sounds to conjure up a world that combines “metallic sounds and soft voices”: intimate and strange, romantic and edgy.
“We saw ourselves as two planets that collide – in a positive sense – furthering our musical ideas,” Hill concludes. “The moon was our fixed point, a pendulum in the darkness, a calming counterpoint to a kind of musical trance in which I sometimes moved while we made music.”
Sometimes, though, you’ve got to reach for the stars too. Clara Hill and King Britt have done just that for Pendulous Moon.

„Very interesting combination.
It works very well. congrats“
Gilles Peterson

„Love the record one of my favorite
ambient albums of recent times“
Peter Kruder

"Beautiful and futuristic! Something between
Holly Herndon and Julia Holter."
Digital in Berlin