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2015...working on a new album...
and i am playing in Berlin @ ausland 14.03.2015

My new third album single is out called "Dripstone Cave" Soundcloud & iTunes

Watch Now! Brand new live video with my new band: Heading Out

What i found in the internet from 2008: Deutsche Elektronik Musik

Watch new pictures from 22.3.14 Roter Salon Pictures by Roland Owsnitzki 

Jan 2014 D/B presents: Clara Hill Record Release Concert in Berlin at Berghain Kantine, Fr 10.01. &

Out Now The second album single plus video: Insomnia

Interview 2014 for The Quietus here: Interview

Out Now First album single plus video "Lost Winter" Watch video here!

Find Walk The Distance album teaser here:

Album snippet on Soundcloud

Snippets Tapete Records




Clara Hill is drawn to the darker, more sorrowful sides of music which can express more complex emotions. In her new album, after a four year break from recording, she returns to her childhood inspirations to combine them with the musical know- ledge she has since accumulated. What has emerged is bewitching, magical and – at times – hallucinatory; a pleasantly disorientating blend of Folk/Psychedelic Folk, experimental electronica and rock/indie, at times both familiar and otherworldly, earthy and ethereal. As intoxicated by carefully structured songcraft as by abstract soundscapes, it finds Clara Hill retracing her steps while moving bravely forward, determined to challenge herself as much as her audience.

Contributors to the new album include Hanno Leichtmann, AUS, Thomas Bücker (Bersarin Quartett), YoggyOne, Schneider TM, Kalle Kalima and Simon Whetham.


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